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NOUN philosophy;
[Aristotle] The condition of a thing whose essence
is fully actualised; realised potential.

The world’s 1st learning experience specialising in Human Qualities to enhance all skills

A life-long evolution journey

Entelechy is the world’s first learning experience specialising in Character Qualities to enhance all skills.

It is an app-based journey that brings an approach to learning with the principles of mentoring and coaching at heart.

We do it because we believe that Character determines destiny. And because we dream of enabling anyone, anywhere, to create value from their innate potential.

With one act of self-improvement every day.

Your Entelechy team

We are a group of innovators and specialists in their fields, who also share a passion for developing people.


Otherwise known as ‘the World’s leading CEO Mentor’, with 40+ years’ track record in mentoring leaders around the globe. Best-selling author of Breakthrough.

David CM Carter
Founder & CEO


Over 20 years’ international experience in high-performance coaching, coupled with general management & team development across different sectors.

Amy Hackett-Jones
COO & Master Coach


Over 12 years successfully bringing SaaS products into hugely competitive markets, and working with some of the world’s largest organisations.

Philip Mayling


Over 25 years’ leadership experience within exciting, high growth businesses, with 15 years of overlay experience in coaching and mentoring.

Indy Agnihotri
Finance Director


Over 20 years of experience in education, including leadership and influence roles, leading educational research and structuring qualification frameworks.

Racheal Smith
Head of Learning


30 years’ leadership, sales and marketing experience in the e-learning industry, creating and selling new and innovative SaaS training solutions.

Mike Alcock
Head of Enterprise


Over 20 years in the education and employment market in the public and private sectors, ranging from business coaching to designing award-winning education programmes.

Anna Sheard
Head of Universities


A creative thinker with over 25-years’ experience as creative director and digital producer, with 10 years focusing on product and instructional design.

Jake Shepherd
Head of Product


Over 20 years’ of international cross-industry experience in strategy and creativity specialising in core branding; with 18 years in personal development.

Teresa Lopes
Head of Brand


Over 20 years’ marketing across a variety of industries and businesses from micro start-ups to international blue chips, 11 of those years focused on L&D.

Jonathan Cox
Head of Marketing

anna m

Over 15 years teaching and mentoring, with a special interest in young people who face challenges within the mainstream methodology of education in the UK.

Anna-Marie Manley
Head of Training


Over 30 years evolving international corporate, political and media networks, along with mentoring the younger generation.

Sophie de Schwarzburg-Gunther
Government Relations

Leading accreditation partners