Discover how easy it is to become who you want to be by choosing one simple word from the Entelechy Character Qualities.

What makes Entelechy unique is the agency you are given over your learning.

What does this mean?

It means you create the course you take, designing your personal curriculum to fit your context. It is not a responsibility we are used to having as we usually lean into our teachers and tutors to design what we learn for us, hoping they make it relevant.

Entelechy provides a structure to help you in the design of your learning. The first step in this structure is guiding you to choose the Character Quality. There are 54 words, and each has a range of meanings. So, where do you begin?

Getting started in anything is tough; we often make it complicated, so we never begin.

Let’s make this simple.

Look at the words and find one that stands out to you. Ask yourself which word could make a difference to you today.
You might have a difficult conversation coming up, and you need to be calm.

It might be that there is a negotiation with a supplier where you need to be assertive.

Alternatively, you are feeling a little low right now, and some self-compassion is what is required.

Choose one word where there is a simple reason to give it a try. No need to dig deeper right now, as all you need is a starting point.

There. You have done it. You have chosen your first Character Quality and are ready for your first learning journey.