Profoundly impacts Learning and Development, as the training modality has evolved from traditional classroom experiences to one facilitated through the internet.

While the promise of greater convenience and efficiency of delivering through a Learning Management System felt like a step forward, the truth was far from satisfactory. Completion rates via digital media were low, and the causal link between engagement with the training and impact on the business was challenging to establish. The reality of digital learning has yet to live up to its potential.

Here we explore some flawed assumptions about digital learning and how we have addressed these in our solution.

Content consumption is not learning

It is tempting to believe that offering a series of articles and videos is the provision of learning. Such acquisition of knowledge has its place when ensuring your workforce is compliant.

Yet, learning through content is far from adequate when it comes to talent development and the evolution of more skilled employees. There is a significant gap between knowledge, the application of this knowledge, and the evaluation and creativity of higher-order thinking.

Entelechy doesn’t provide content. We are a digital solution without articles and videos on our Character Qualities. Instead, we take responsibility for the evolution of these higher-order thinking skills, which means the whole world of content is available to your team.

While we understand there is a place for exploring the ideas of others, we see this as only the start of the digital journey undertaken by our learners. Content is always going out of date and is costly to keep evergreen; yet, the internet fills up with it every day without cost. Learning how to responsibly and effectively access this material is far more potent than renewing your LMS's content.

Leaning into formal learning away from the workplace

The use of digital resources has also largely followed the model of what we believe learning should be. The physical classroom is replaced by the digital space, which is seen as transformational. It isn’t. Believing that the only valid learning is course-based, divided into modules, and done on a zoom call or at your desk, is to miss opportunities for genuine learning.

The genuine transformation that digital learning offers is that it can be with you as you work. It is not something you have to do when you are away from your daily activities. If you use an app such as the one offered by Entelechy, learning is available wherever you have your mobile phone.

In short, we believe that learning is most effective when it is a part of everyday life. It is the small informal moments of reflection or conscious action that can change behaviour in the workplace. Our app offers a structure that guides the learner towards the mindset that makes this possible.

Testing what has been taught, not learned

LMSs rely heavily on multi-choice questions or self-reported completion of training. It is usual for a certificate of completion to be automatically completed on the passing of this test, and there is an assumption that the learning has been done.

It isn't very accurate to believe that testing what has been taught proves that something has been learnt. There is a significant gap in effectiveness between being prepared, and learning something.

Entelechy has created a system of assessment that asks the learner to reflect on the takeaways for the future application of the learning. We also ask that there is some form of third-party validation of the impact of learning in the workplace. We additionally offer accountability and close the feedback loop by asking the learner to submit a reflection on the learning journey. The learner is asked to demonstrate understanding of how they can continue improving even more.

We use digital technology to connect humans and ensure that learning is a shared experience. There are so many ways we can use this modality imaginatively, and receiving validation from an external source is just one way.


When Entelechy sees the word transformation, we see it as an opportunity to learn differently. Merely taking the learning of old and putting it on the internet is not an imaginative use of technology. We offer an app that guides the learner to learn a little every day, and which encourages experimentation with, and application of, learning outside of the app itself.

If you are interested in learning more about how we have transformed learning through a digital product, contact us today.