Professionals working in education care about the destination of learners. We want more than to deliver a curriculum; we want to enrich lives.

There are all sorts of reasons why the inclusion of personal development in Ofsted inspections is welcome. Firstly, learners need this input to cope with an ever more uncertain world. Secondly, providers deserve credit for the years of work they have done in helping learners become more. All those who enter training, tutoring, teaching, and coaching do so because we want our learners to be the best they can be.

Personal development and Entelechy

We have always been surrounded by people who will do all they can to enrich the learning journey of those they work with. There is a constant desire to look for those moments above and beyond, which often mean the most. We have learnt much being around those who look to enrich and enhance the learning beyond the scope a standardised curriculum.

While Entelechy Academy does offer a structured and systematic approach to behaviour standards, we offer much more than this. We provide the methodology for mentoring and coaching yourself to be a little bit more every day.

We believe a learner who is empowered to guide the development of their own character has everything they need to reach their full, unique potential. In essence, we offer the truest form of enrichment to a learning journey. We offer an insight into our expertise and give away the secrets of our years in teaching, mentoring, and coaching.

How we enrich the learning journey

Initially, we empower the learner with 54 Character Qualities that, once developed, allow the learner to do whatever they desire with life. Telling someone to improve themselves likely feels unwieldy, overwhelming and intimidating. We help people see that the pursuit of our potential is manageable and can be achieved in bitesize chunks. We divide the 54 Character Qualities into six categories, from ‘personal’ to ‘impact’, and map these against aspirations in our Be Do Become model. We help deliver the powerful understanding a learner needs to become a better person.

Then, more importantly, we unlock the learner's mindset. The shaping of this mindset sets us apart and truly allows us to claim we are enriching our learners. We help the learner to become a lifelong learner following a personal pathway. From understanding the importance of critical content consumption, to the part that failure plays in our growth, we unpack what skilful learners do every moment of every day.

In short, we are the value-added that every progressive, outstanding provider wants to offer learners. We are how you can set your apprentices up for a lifetime of success so that, no matter their destination, they will thrive.

Something core, and something more

The mapping of our 54 Character Qualities against behavioural standards makes our solution core to the apprenticeship curriculum. We offer a systematic and structured programme that offers evidence of intention, implementation and impact on the learner.

And yet, we offer something more too. Entelechy helps learners gather the power needed to constantly improve themselves through life. The habits formed when working through our solution are lifelong. Our ITPs commit to enriching their apprentices' lives and ongoing learning journeys, from their first job through to retirement.