June 7th and 8th were two of the Entelechy team’s favourite days in our life as a company. The conversations we had were full of heart and insight.

Sometimes you attend an exhibition like CIPD’s Festival of Work and worry that you will

a) be lost in the crowd of innovation

b) not find your relevant market.

There was a wealth of innovation and ingenious thinking on show. Olympia was full of passion and visionary thinkers, and the team loved learning what was needed by the business workplace. One of our missions for the two days was to learn what HR and Learning and Development experience really was like.

And we didn’t feel out of place amongst these exhibitors. In fact, we felt we offered something genuinely pioneering and refreshing. We were presenting something that put the human at the centre of businesses – and this was a message warmly greeted by visitors. Our presentation to a packed-out Future of Work stage felt brilliant, and our research engagement level was outstanding.

Mike and Racheal were delighted by the positive feedback from people who visited later at the stand. When you believe in something so deeply, any validation is greeted with much gratitude.

Finally, did we find our market? Definitely! When it comes to understanding how to actualise the potential of an organisation through its humans – HR leaders are most definitely on the same page. The powerful questions we were asked and the enthusiasm to engage more with our ideas made us realise that those who engage with CIPD are our people. They are people, people. We felt at home.

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