Entelechy Academy was delighted as City & Guilds responded with excitement to its daring learning and assessment model.

City & Guilds was founded 140 years ago as The City and Guilds of London Institute, with the remit to protect and promote the standard of technical education. Throughout their history, City & Guilds has earned a reputation for quality and standards, offering recognised and trusted qualifications.

In March, after many vigorous interviews, City & Guilds agreed to work beside Entelechy Academy. Impressed with the underlying philosophy that values character, the structure of learning and the rigour of assessment, City & Guilds agreed that there was great value in the proposition.

Entelechy Academy Founder, David Carter, was determined to hold his vision to the highest standards. By approaching City & Guilds, so renowned for their evolution of work-based skills qualifications, Entelechy Academy seeks the gold standard of quality assurance.

"We believe that character-based development is essential to work-readiness and that our approach delivers powerful results,” Carter noted. “We are delighted that an organisation of the quality of City & Guilds can see the daring and potency of our model."

“Excellent product”

Interviewed by internal strategists and assessment experts, the team at Entelechy Academy presented detailed plans for learning and the opportunity for accredited outcomes. The vision of moving learners away from reproduce memorised content and rote learned skills immediately intrigued City & Guilds. What impressed them most was the rigour of the assessment and moderation model designed to ensure that real learning is demonstrated before a badge or certificate is awarded.

The repeated mantra from a board focused on viable models of assessment it can sell around the world was, “It is an excellent product.”

Moving forward

Entelechy Academy has asked City & Guilds to analyse and critique the blueprints for the app that will be built by award-winning developers Hi Mum, Said Dad! City & Guilds, confident in the efficacy of the approach, agreed to work with the team to offer Assured status on Entelechy awards from launch.

“It is a massive boost for our learners to know that an organisation with such a respected reputation is backing their work to improve character,” noted David Carter. “When you come to the market and disrupt learning and assessment, it is encouraging to know that there are visionaries out there willing to support you and lift you up.”

Entelechy Academy is a character-based development platform set for launch in November. The support of City & Guilds is sure to give the company traction with training providers and employers