Where the decision-makers are exploring the future of education

Chris Skidmore MP has set up a Lifelong Education Commission to explore how barriers to lifelong learning can be removed. Head of Learning, Racheal Smith, has joined the LEC webinars set up to consider the future of education.

Entelechy Academy believes that the development of our character is a lifelong endeavour. We may be our best self today, but there may be a better one waiting for us tomorrow. Therefore, any exploration of lifelong education is significant to our vision and mission.

Joining the launch and first webinars of the Lifelong Education Commission is both enlightening and reassuring. It has reassured us that our pursuit of character-based development has a significant role in removing the barriers people face to learning.

Entelechy at the heart of the issues

When you look at the issues the commission is hoping to explore, it is easy to see that Entelechy could make a significant contribution.

Revolutionising assessment: the LEC are looking to challenge current qualifications and seek a path to flexible learning. We have a plan for this.

Bitesize courses: our approach to learning is founded on small chunks of learning every day until it becomes a habit.

Remote and online learning: our platform is app-based. However, we have found a way of blending learning, as interaction with humans is fundamental to learning.

Power in the learner's hands: ours is a pull model where everything learned is designed and defined by the learner.

Affordable fee model: we have purposely kept our app to an affordable price; democratising learning is at the heart of our vision.

Benefitting business and industry: the problem we are solving is one of work-readiness. How can we help individuals have the character to thrive and strive in a fast-changing workplace?

Deepening the current workforce's skills to help respond to the demands of automation: character underpins all we do, including our ability to take personal responsibility for acquiring new skills.

Hope for a future education

Listening to the commissioners and those giving evidence, it is easy to be hopeful for the future of education. Lifelong learning is the right agenda item for moving education forward. Hearing the work of those connected with international organisations such as PISA and local leaders such as the CEO of Doncaster Council, it is clear there is much outstanding practice going on in pockets around the world.

What became clear is that interconnectivity of these initiatives will ultimately lead to a cohesive approach. Entelechy has connected with many involved in the LEC and has ambitions to be a positive voice in driving much-needed change.