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We thought we could tell you all about it and then realised this would get drowned by the noise of all the other people telling you what you should and shouldn’t know.

Reading ideas in an article is a transitory and passive activity and will not change your mind.

We want you to feel how different we are and give you a chance to choose, so, we have set up a series of experiences.

They are going to happen live.

They are going to happen on Tuesdays.

So, we called them Live Tuesdays.

In our sessions, we will show you a small step in our journey. We will encourage you to try it along with us and give you the opportunity to develop your Character–a little bit every week.

Our journey is broken into five steps: discover, explore, action, reflect, and feedback. Every time we complete the journey, we will start again and go a little bit deeper.

Stick with us for the next year or more, and you will have all the tools you need to be the agent of your own learning. You will be an expert on how to develop yourself. You will embed all the secrets of the L&D department and thrive in your career and your life.

We ask nothing for your attendance other than an open mind.

We want to start a revolution by helping you with your evolution. Join us.

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