Since 2017, the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) have captured and analysed over 12,000 individual challenges from Heads of Learning who register for their annual #LEARNINGLIVE conference.

Here are the latest and updated top 5 challenges in L&D for 2023:

  1. AI and Learning in the Flow of Work
  2. Building an Organisational Learning Culture
  3. Supporting Learning in a Hybrid Workforce
  4. Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing
  5. Measuring ROI and Learning Impact

At Entelechy Academy, we believe in the power of Character and how it can help meet all these challenges in a single solution. We’ll explore each challenge, and our Character-based solution, in the sections below.

AI and Learning in the Flow of Work

No 2023 article would be complete without a mention of AI. So, it is no great surprise that AI and Learning in the Flow of Work rise to the top of the challenges learning professionals face this year.

Whilst AI in learning has significant potential, there are also challenges to consider. These may include data privacy concerns, ensuring the ethical use of AI algorithms, addressing biases in AI systems, and effectively integrating AI-powered tools into existing learning ecosystems. 

No doubt L&D professionals will be feeling the pressure from the business to make use of this new powerful tool that has so much potential – but the risks of using such technology must also be considered and weighed up against the benefits.

A business trying to keep up with the rapid pace of technology may put new demands on L&D professionals to integrate AI into their employee development strategies. Requests are ranging from personalised learning to adaptive learning, from performance support to data-driven insights.

Learning professionals also know that the processing of information alone is not learning, and it is a behaviour within individuals. Therefore, although AI offers great opportunity for ingenuity, its effective deployment is the key message here. How can it make learning easier and more engaging, while still having impact?

Thankfully for our friends in L&D – we have a solution to these challenges that does not rely on AI and therefore does not bring the additional problems that this “all knowing” software can bring to a business. Entelechy offers personalised and adaptive learning; through our Discover insights report, learners are able to embark on a personalised journey based on their own input and the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ in the form of 360 feedback. Learners are then in control of their own journey to ensure they can work on their growth opportunities and further enhance their strengths to improve their own Character, and ultimately, their performance in the workplace.

Our approach is all about microlearning in the form of setting small but actionable goals and completing these on a regular basis. You also benefit from performance support via our app which is essentially a coach or mentor in your pocket. All this can be done in the flow of work and values the human in the process.

While we continue to investigate ways AI might make this more effective, we are not leaping in before we know it actually will be a better solution.

Building an Organisational Learning Culture

Many organisations have a traditional training mindset where learning is seen as an isolated event rather than a continuous process. L&D professionals need to overcome this mindset and shift towards promoting a culture of continuous learning, where learning becomes embedded in daily work and is seen as essential for individual and organisational growth.

Entelechy’s methodology is based on a positive belief that culture is born from a collection of individuals brought together with a shared vision and set of values. We foster the belief that creating something greater than ourselves requires encouragement and collaboration.

To live this every day, in everything we do, we implemented facilitated peer mentoring, 360 Character-based reviews and team coaching sessions. All of which, and more, is available to all organisations through our innovative solution.

We help evolve the mindset that a learning culture demands and gives accountability and responsibility to the individual. It is the only genuine way to build a learning organisation agile enough for the future of work.

Supporting Learning in a Hybrid Workforce

In a hybrid workforce, employees are often dispersed across different locations, making it challenging to provide seamless access to learning resources and technology. L&D professionals need to ensure that employees working remotely or in different physical locations have the necessary tools and technologies to engage in learning activities effectively.

To address this challenge, L&D professionals need to employ strategies such as leveraging technology for remote access to learning resources, utilising interactive and engaging learning methods, fostering effective communication and collaboration, and personalising learning experiences to meet the diverse needs of employees in a hybrid workforce.

Entelechy’s solution offers such technology that allows remote access to learning but also encourages collaboration across your humans through sharing their personal learning experiences with their colleagues. Each learner’s experience with Entelechy is as unique as the human themself; allowing them to gain insight into their Character and work on improving specific Character Qualities that will best improve them as a human being.

More importantly, the line manager dashboards within Discover allow your people to be known by the people who are guiding their work. There is nothing more difficult in a hybrid workplace than feeling connected to your team; we can help forge a more powerful connection.

Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health issues are still surrounded by stigma and misconceptions in many workplaces. Employees may hesitate to seek support or disclose their mental health concerns due to fear of negative repercussions. L&D professionals face the challenge of destigmatising mental health and creating a safe and supportive environment where employees feel comfortable seeking help and discussing their mental wellbeing.

Working on Character Qualities is an effective way of resolving this challenge. Entelechy can help all employees to feel and be more confident, courageous, honest, empathetic, sincere, vulnerable, and authentic. Showing gratitude is core to creating a positive mindset, as is understanding how to forgive. We offer a development journey that encourages the learner to evolve these core traits for a more resilient mindset.

Looking more at the challenge of wellbeing, this often draws back to us as humans simply wanting to be seen, be heard, be understood, and be valued for who we are as a person. Our Discover insights provide this visibility to not only the individual, but also line managers and senior teams, so they can really understand their humans and all their wonderful, unique Character Qualities that make them who they are.

Measuring ROI and Learning Impact

Measuring return on investment (ROI) and learning impact has always been a significant challenge for L&D professionals. Learning impact encompasses a wide range of outcomes, including individual knowledge and skills, behaviour change, improved job performance, and organisational results.

These outcomes are often influenced by multiple factors beyond the learning intervention itself, such as workplace environment, management support, and external market conditions. It can be challenging to isolate the specific impact of learning initiatives from these external factors and accurately measure their contribution.

Thankfully, if L&D professionals clearly articulate the intended outcomes of learning initiatives, align them with business objectives and utilise technology, this beastly challenge can be overcome. Entelechy offers a myriad of data and insights on your learners to accurately demonstrate the impact of their learning and the return on the investment made. When your employees are working on being better humans, and understand their strengths and growth opportunities, it is easy to see the positive impact this has on a business in terms of productivity, staff retention, employee engagement and so on.

If you would like to discuss how Entelechy can solve the L&D challenges in your business, please do get in touch – we'd love the opportunity to have a conversation with you.