It is part of our line of business to impart knowledge and support personal development. But at the end of the day, we are the ones learning the most.

At Entelechy, not only do we deal with training providers and universities, but also directly with this new generation of future workers. Everyone in our team has personally mentored on this journey, and we have seen the sheer potential to make meaningful change in the world.

On the one hand, we see the graduates with a leadership mindset. The idealists fit for the long run, dreaming of moving up through the ranks from day one. On the other, the apprentices. The pragmatic ones with a practical approach and tailored knowledge, wanting to impact productivity right from the start.

Looking at the ones we work for on a personal level is remarkably revealing. Observing the raw, unknown knowledge they have – and helping them navigate through the maze of pre-conceptions – is like effortlessly sculpting a magnificent piece of consciousness.

Most mentors mention how interesting it is that this process turns out to be an incredible two-way learning experience. Each of us, managers, mentors, entrepreneurs, leaders, have much to learn from our mentees. Even if it is just for the wonder of seeing the world through their eyes and opening up to the fresh perspectives they bring.

Hit the ground running

They are hungry for transformation. It may not seem like it to those witnessing kids buried in consoles and collecting NFT-kittens in a baseball hat, but catch their attention for a minute and learn how willing they are to take on life. And because they don't feel ready, they are smart and humble enough to learn as they go and keep going. We should all do the same.

The energy of new blood is contagious

We see it as mentors, employers, parents, and educators: engage young people enough, and the excitement they bring to new circumstances boosts everybody. It reminds us all of how eager and full of possibilities we were. And as we feed this feeling in them, we nurture it back in ourselves, and new things start to unfold for everyone involved.

'Can do – will do' attitude

'Being able to' means very little without acting on it. This youthful energy comes with a deep sense of responsibility and willingness to change. Young people have this mindset that they can manifest things more easily than we did in our time. It is as if anything is within reach so long as they put themselves forward. And it is true.

Intentional self-awareness

They have this masterful ease of getting to know themselves. To work on recognising their patterns, their emotions, their impact. It makes us think about our own. As we facilitate their empowerment, we witness a surge of self-assurance and personal strength being instantly directed to a goal – and quickly pulled off. That reminds us that we can do the same.

Soaking up what life has to offer

When witnessing life through their eyes, it is limitless. If not for our dormancy most of the time, we would all see it. Helping them remove their own blocks and fearful perceptions of life helps us do the same for ourselves. It unveils their hearty desire and courage to want the full experience of being alive, and this alone is inspiring.

All it takes for any of us to learn is to observe, reflect and emulate the best we see around us through action and focus. We just happen to be lucky enough to learn every day from each other and from the ones we teach. Join us!