Four leading organisations have accredited and endorsed Entelechy Academy. Here is how we put our ideas to the test with four leading organisations.

Entelechy Academy is ambitious. We are driven to deliver the most powerful learning outcomes for learners, employers, and the economy.

And we know we must change the way education is done to do this. And so, we have.

  • We moved from knowledge-based learning to experiential and reflective learning.
  • We moved from expert-led to learner-led approaches.
  • We moved from a focus on Technical and Soft Skills to the Character that empowers learners to turn innate qualities into realised potential.

We don’t provide content. We don’t insist that the learner does anything that doesn’t fit with their personal journey. We don’t require the learner to complete tests and examinations.

We give the learner a framework of language which helps them to explore the character that drives work readiness and performance and allows an individual to become what they aspire to be. Our Be Do Become Framework offers social currency to those searching for their purpose.

We give the learner a journey to follow that helps them explore, action, reflect and build a practice of ongoing learning throughout life. And we let the learner in on the secrets of why this is helping them become more than they were before. We want our learners to be free to continue learning, independent of external support. So, we show them how.

When you change what people expect, you need to put your ideas to the test. External validation from a range of outside sources is reassuring, and not just for us. We wanted to reassure our learners that this new approach to their personal and professional development was powerful and effective.

And so, we asked NCFE, the LPI, ACE, and CPDSO to assess our approach and offer their badge for our product. And they did. And, how we

Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE) ENDORSED

NCFE is the UK’s longest-established awarding body and the third largest. NCFE qualifications are considered highly reputable vocational and work-related qualifications, and their expertise and insight are to be valued.

After 30 minutes of conversation, they told us we were “excellent” and “exciting”, and the endorsement was issued. They had already studied our approach online and in our application, and the meeting rubber-stamped their confidence in our ability to deliver on our promises.

Learning and Performance Institute (LPI)

We have been engaged with the LPI since our beginnings. It is an organisation we have admired; we regularly engage in webinars and workshops and as characters on their charity calendar. The LPI are leaders in work-based learning and thought leaders on the key themes that impact Heads of Learning across the country.

After an intensive accreditation process, we received our accreditation and our report. Much was made of the strength of leadership in our CEO and COO and the sustainability of the structures created. What stood out was the phrase “an outstanding concept” and the LPI’s enthusiasm for exploring the potential application of our approach.

Association of Character Education (ACE)

ACE, like Entelechy, is committed to character education. ACE works with younger people, from Primary School through to college, encouraging organisations to make character education a central tenet of their curriculum. Entelechy chooses to support this organisation by donating 1% of our revenues to this charity.

We wanted to become a Company of Character: ACE’s kitemark for those who have character development at the core of their operations and approach. We went through a three-day assessment process, and the report we received endorsing our kitemark status was moving for us all. Here is a snippet:

“[Entelechy Academy] has listened to the voice of industry & business and understands the need to enable learners to develop character, as well as learn technical skills. Entelechy’s provision has a clear premise that the learner needs to be able to understand and demonstrate who they are, as well as what they can do. This mission is not only being implemented through a well-designed online platform but through stakeholder engagement at a government level. Developing a national framework that provides consistency to the Apprenticeship Behaviour Standards, whilst linking them explicitly to character qualities, is to be applauded.”

Continuing Professional Development Standards Office (CPDSO)

To be of most use to our learners, we needed to provide accreditation that gave value to the learning done in the workplace. We applied for Dual Accreditation with CPDSO, seeking validation as a Training Provider of Excellence and as an organisation that could deliver CPD-approved training. We were awarded both.

For our learners who need to evidence ongoing professional development, this accreditation allows us to issue certificates of evidence of learning. It means that you do not have to leave the workplace to learn, as it should be; you continue to learn in the flow of your day-to-day productivity. Your annual financial commitment to your CPD is one subscription to an app and not thousands upon thousands spent on courses that reap very little reward.

Proud but unsurprised

With more than one hundred years of shared experience in learning and development within the Entelechy Team, we were not surprised by the response of our accreditors. Our framework and journey are the result of the experience and wisdom from working with learners and understanding both their needs as well as those of the workplace.

We are immensely proud of the achievements collected so far. We want to assure you we have only just begun.