The need to build a learning culture within organisations and how we offer a vital solution to empower learners in the workplace.

Spending two days on an exhibition stand representing Entelechy Academy is quite the adventure. People attending L&D events expect technology learning solutions to be an LMS, an LXP or content curation software. There may be one or two authoring tools and some analytic data software, but everything fits neatly into a box in the delegates’ minds.

And then there is Entelechy. A learning solution that supports a learner to evolve their character, and we claim it underpins all other learning. Cue the confused faces and the tentative approach to our stand.

What impressed us most was the curiosity of the 700 learning leaders who attended this LPI event. Even after our rather strange, “Would you like to play a game of cards with us?” opener, they were still keen to ask questions and clearly got excited that someone had thought about the human being and not just the employee.

Being there at the right moment

Many sessions during the two days supported us in the belief that something new was needed in learning.

Steven Bartlett talked about the need for a solution that helps us understand how to learn as well as to help the learner develop the qualities required to thrive as a person. A need we are also earnest about. His observation that no one kills themselves because they are hungry or thirsty, but they do because of a lack of connection, was sobering. It makes our qualities of compassion, empathy, collaboration, kindness, gratitude, and others that much more important. Someone needs to support learners to evolve their capacity to build those relationships required to survive in our challenging times.

There was a strong focus on the need for a learning culture. In the session focused on the critical components of a learning organisation, Kenny Temowo from Netflix explained that it required complete candour. The ability to give instant and honest feedback is essential. Honesty is one of our Character Qualities, and feedback is an integral part of our journey.

In the same session, Ian Fordham from Visa reminded us of the adage that you need not be a know-it-all but instead a learn-it-all. We empower learners to do more than gather knowledge; we ask them to action it and to also enact and reflect on the insights they find. Furthermore, we see learning as a lifelong endeavour, and our solution can be picked up by an intern and a CEO and be relevant immediately to both.

Equally, many speakers addressed the difficulties of time and engagement, and we have an innovative solution to support organisations here. Buying in a solution that shows you care about the person and helps that person learn as they work is a powerful way to address these pain points.

As we listened to some of the more insightful people in L&D, it felt we had arrived in a moment waiting for the exact solution we offer.

Excited for the future

We have gathered the details of many visionaries over these last two days. Heads of Learning and learning experts were eager to be the first in the queue to be on our Beta trial. We are excited that so many feel the urgency we do to evolve the best solution for helping people to navigate our difficult times and a world that constantly changes. Enabling and empowering the individual to be what they need to be – and to do it for themselves – must be the answer.

So many of these people ended our conversation with, “You are really onto something here.” We couldn’t agree more.

We are looking forward to the Learning Technologies Autumn Forum on 13th October, when we have another opportunity to talk to learning leaders about how we hope to revolutionise the future of L&D.