Strengthening the bond between HR and L&D: A reflection of Learning Technologies 2023

Racheal Smith speaking at Learning Technologies 2023

After a wonderful two days at Learning Technologies, we know we are onto something important and unique.

This year Learning Technologies was partnered with HR Technologies. It was a fantastic innovation, encouraging everyone responsible for people management to be in the same pioneering space simultaneously. It felt like an important foundational step towards Learning and Development and Human Resources taking responsibility for driving forward business transformation.

Who better to lead business improvement than those who empower the people that drive performance?

It was exciting for Entelechy to have HR and L&D specialists in the same space, as we have a package that strengthens the bond between these two crucial teams. We were firmly sited in the Learning Technologies exhibition and realised early on that we needed to straddle both conferences. While we offer an approach that transforms people and guides them to improve their performance, we also provide strategic insights and people management data that far exceeds anything in business today.

How we support HR
Our experience is founded on knowing your human beings. The first steps in our journey involve getting to know the Character of your people, their strengths and growth opportunities. We collect 2070 data points on Character, giving HR the ability to dive in to granular levels of understanding about the capabilities of the people in their workforce.

Character must be used to hire, retain, promote, create succession plans, train leaders, promote well-being, and shape the reputation and values of the organisation. It is a superpower for companies – and one we are equipped to embed with you. Imagine being able to live the values and brand of your company through the behaviours of your people. We do this.

How we support L&D
Learning and Development professionals need to be more influential. Rather than serving up resources and courses requested by the business, these talented and visionary professionals should be knocking on the door of the CEO with a plan for transforming the culture and performance of the whole organisation.

We have an experience that puts L&D right at the heart of improved business performance. In our seminar and bitesize learning zone session, those present ranked business performance as the number 1 impact of the intervention we offered. It’s common sense to believe that if 1000 employees made small actionable improvements to the efficiency of their work, profits would increase. Imagine the impact if everyone focused on being creative, pioneering, accountable, collaborative, and more.

A simple framework and next-generation technology combine to offer a cheap, affordable and highly effective experience for a whole organisation – and L&D professionals would lead their organisation towards becoming a Company of Character.

Combining people power
Our most significant reflection from Learning Technologies is that HR Technologies needed to be in the room with us too. Many people we spoke to pulled out the Head of HR from the conference next door to come and talk to us.

We are so excited about this learning from the expo. If you are going to make a difference, there is no better way than being responsible for combining the people's power within a business. We can’t wait for June and the CIPD Festival of Work. We know we have something special that will excite Heads of People and Learning Officers, and we can’t wait to continue our conversations.

If you would like to start your journey with Entelechy, get your free Company of Character Audit to learn how you could know your people so much better.