Mission Statement Ignored And Gathering Dust? Thought So.

You want your people to think outside the box? Personality profiling puts people in boxes: they’re an ISF-whatever-it-was for life.

Entelechy has created another way

You’ve got a mission statement and company values, but nobody lives them.

You’ve got some great people, and there are some really strong skills, but they’re in the wrong jobs.

You’ve attracted great people time and again, but they don’t feel valued, and often leave.

You’ve tried personality profiling, and everyone was fascinated to find out “who they really are”, but 6 months later, nothing’s changed.

How we help

Entelechy has created the Discover Solution just for you.

Because personality doesn’t change, but Character does.

5 steps to discover your company’s Character:


180 & 360 Reports

Get deep, individualised insights on the Character of every team member in your company – as reported by them, in their own 180, and as reported by their closest circle in a 360.


Character Key

Get an individual Character Key for each team member, which focuses on how to action those insights.



Get feedback on how they see themselves, and how others see them.


54 Character Qualities

Get to choose which of the 54 Character traits each individual wants to develop in themselves.



Get small, daily, manageable actions to help each individual develop their Characters.

Become a company of Character

Book a call now to become a Company of Character.

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Your company probably has a mission statement.

Some values, too.

They might get their own page on your site, and new recruits sure have it explained to them how that stuff “matters round here.”

But let’s be honest: nobody’s really living that mission, are they? Does anybody actually embody those values?

No, and not because you’re bad people.

Instead, it’s because those concepts are abstract.

What do they even mean? How is an employee meant to “inspire the world with purpose”?

Exactly. Abstract.

There's another way

Drawn from over 100 years of collective coaching and mentoring experience, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 54 Character Qualities that each of us has within us. Oh yes, each.

Some of those Qualities will be strengths of ours.

Some of them will be growth opportunities.

Some of them will be strengths we don’t even know we have – and which will be uncovered to us during the process of working with Entelechy.

We’ve put together Entelechy Discover: a solution that leads your company – individually, and as a team – through a Character 180 (in which individuals assess their own Qualities) and a 360 (in which an individual’s closest circle assess their Qualities).

The resulting reports are called Character Keys. Generated by your inputs and our AI, they lead each team member visually and textually through their Character Qualities.

They get to see where their strengths really lie, and where they have growth opportunities.

They see where there is dissonance between what they believe about themselves and what their closest circle know about them – discovering strengths they didn’t know they had, in the process.

And best of all, they get to choose which Character Qualities to focus on next – both for the company, and for themselves.

By translating an abstract mission statement into actionable Character Qualities, and offering individuals the chance to learn and grow, before long your whole company will be living your mission statement and company values in their daily actions.


Entelechy Discover Solution

£508 Weeks


  • Transformation workshops
  • Company 360
  • Company Character Kaleidoscope report
  • Strategic insights - discover your hidden talent, put the right people in the right positions, find internal candidates for leadership positions
  • See every individual, role, team, department and your company as a whole through the human traits that underpin all skills and outputs.


  • Individual 180
  • Individual 360
  • Select 6 of the 54 Character Qualities to focus on as an individual
  • Character Key report – over 70 pages of actionable Character insights
Discover Solution

Find out how you can be the change in company strategy that matches mission statements with daily actions to build a Company of Character