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Success depends on thinking differently

Businesses want you to set the new standards

Employers need productive, work-ready apprentices. And despite being equipped with impeccable technical skills, new recruits are still unprepared for the workplace. This is the opportunity for providers who think ahead, to stand out and deliver what businesses are looking for.

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"...what a wonderful transformation everyone has seen in her character..."


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Take your apprenticeships to a new level

Apprentices who develop their Character, naturally optimise personal performance, technical ability, and develop new skills faster and more efficiently. That means motivated learners, who are ready to add value and make an impact from the start.

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“With the introduction of the new apprenticeship standards and the emphasis on behaviours we saw the work Entelechy have done as being very beneficial to support us on this new path in a structured and systematic approach.”

Amanda Skinner Construction Apprenticeship Manager, Hull City Council

Behaviour Standards made simple

The Entelechy framework combines the 54 Character Qualities and 77 Soft Skills that are most required by employers. We have mapped these Character Qualities to the Behaviour Standards you are required to deliver on.

Try out our Behaviour Mapping tool to see which Character Qualities support the behaviour standards for your programme.


Developing work-ready apprentices

Employers need apprentices with more than technical skills. They want the attitudes and behaviours that bring value to their organisations. Entelechy brings these competencies into your programme, so that you deliver well-rounded apprentices with the right approach to work.

Enhancing technical training

Performing technical skills relies on the quality of your training. Being exceptional in those skills relies on the attitude and mindset of each apprentice. By improving Character, learners enhance the skills you teach them, and develop the ones they need to shine in the workplace.

Increasing retention rates

Entelechy provides you with a powerful induction programme that generates a sense of common purpose, and helps apprentices to feel valued and engaged. The early assessment of Character enables you to give each learner the relevant support and help them stay on course.

Learning in the flow of work, and life

The Entelechy experience is designed to enable apprentices to learn anytime, anywhere – and from everything! That not only means driving performance through learning, but also covering 50% of your Off-The-Job requirements with one simple solution.

Increasing achievement rates

Entelechy builds a strong ethos of self-directed learning and engages, empowers and rewards apprentices at every step of their journey. This instils a sense of achievement that increases their motivation to complete the programme successfully.

Getting a competitive advantage

Hiring apprentices requires high levels of support to develop the behaviours they need in the workplace. With Entelechy, these behaviours will match the quality of their technical training. Exceptional apprentices, make exceptional providers.

Offering a personalised learning experience

Each journey takes shape around the learner’s character, goals, and development needs. By connecting personal, meaningful motivations with the actions they take in the workplace, apprentices grow into a high-performance mindset.

Contributing to UK’s productivity

The Soft Skills gap costs our economy £8.4 billion/year, and has driven the UK from 1st to 30th place in global productivity. The Entelechy framework enables you to offer the missing component to address this productivity shortfall and the human skills that businesses want in their workforces.

Be greater than your challenge

The new apprenticeship standards are very different from the frameworks they replaced. They require training providers to adopt a new approach to tackle an existential threat and ensure their success. Entelechy helps deliver on these standards; and promotes the Character, behaviours and attitudes that providers need to deliver and that employers are looking for.

Here is a deep dive into the challenge of delivering behaviours, and our take on how to overcome them.