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Developing work-ready, motivated, and empowered learners.

Character is key to achieving everything

The most in-demand skills in the world aren’t simply skills. They stem from Character Qualities that determine how we think, perform and make decisions. Apprentices who develop their Character, naturally optimise personal performance, technical ability, and develop new skills faster and more efficiently. That means work-ready, motivated, and empowered learners.

The new Ofsted standards require a new approach. A tool that promotes the Character, behaviours and attitudes that providers seek and employers are looking for.

Entelechy Academy

"Being work-ready means a rounded education that includes character, skills and knowledge."


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Bridging talent with capability

A lack of work-readiness and a failure to focus on development of fundamental Character Qualities presents a serious challenge for business now and in the future.

With increased automation and shifts in job types, employees will need to evolve aspects of their Character, and consciously adapt to an increasingly challenging world.

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"The soft skills gap costs the UK economy £8.4bn/year."



By tapping into human competence, we bridge the gap between the dynamic nature of the workplace, and the dynamic potential of people to evolve, adapt and perform.

Channelling Character Qualities into the ‘stand out skills’ that make a difference

The Entelechy Learning System (ELS) focuses on human competences that enhance all skills and impact all stages between setting and achieving a goal.

Character underpins everything diagarm

Character Qualities and Soft Skills combined for the first time

Entelechy’s behaviour-based methodology combines the 54 Character Qualities and 77 Soft Skills most required by employers. Entelechy covers 11 themes, linking each skill area to the underlying Soft Skills and Character Qualities.

It is the widest range of human competencies in one continuing journey.

Example Theme 5: Qualities and Skills to be an excellent communicator.

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“Developing and enhancing human skills and capabilities are key drivers of economic success, individual well-being and societal cohesion.”

World Economic Forum

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Entelechy is backed by extensive research by world-leading consultancies and the UK’s most influential institutions to bridge the gap between education and employment.

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