It is fair to argue that the point of helping someone to self-awareness is to show them what they don’t know. If all Entelechy did was encourage the individual to self-reflect, it would be fair to criticise us for not uncovering something new.

We would challenge that critique in two ways.

  1. Reflecting on 54 Character Qualities and consciously identifying strengths and growth opportunities is a powerful learning moment. You think about yourself in ways you will never have been encouraged to do before so that new insights will emerge.
  2. We encourage you to send requests to ten other people, asking them to reflect back to you the strengths and growth opportunities they see and why.

Entelechy’s Discover is based on a 180 and 360 model; we call it the wisdom of the crowd. We don’t suggest that the people around you know you better than yourself. We encourage you to see patterns in your feedback and evaluate what feels like a fair reflection of your Character.

Why is this a better approach than personality tests?

When you answer the questions designed to test and retest your affinity with certain types, you are only using the wisdom that you have within you. If you perceive you are an introvert, you will reinforce this belief by answering the questions in a way that confirms this judgement. Then, when the report comes back and tells you that you are an introvert, it reinforces your original thought, and now you are forever an introvert – whatever that means.

Instead, by asking others to show you what they see, you are asked to challenge your preconceptions and see potential where you might not have seen it before. You might describe your confidence as low, though your friends' feedback is that this is your strength. In social situations with highly trusted people, you are confident, but in a work context, you lose this confidence. Could it be that a mentor at work might release your potential for confidence?

Having a full view of your blind spots and having your biases challenged means you genuinely change how you see yourself. From this insight, you can start to see ways of changing this in your daily life, and we help with this.

We know how comforting it is to be known and to have your conceptions of yourself go unchallenged. Unfortunately, one of the truths of learning and development is that evolution is uncomfortable. If you want to learn, you must go to a place where you are uncertain and be open-minded to a different answer.

If you want to see yourself and the people in your team and company in the 360, then opting for our Discover report is your only option. We can help break down barriers to preconceptions that stop people from reaching their potential.If you are interested in learning more about Entelechy’s Discover, contact us today.