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NOUN philosophy; [Aristotle] The condition of a thing whose essence is fully actualised; realised potential.

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CEO mentoring has transformed the business landscape in recent decades. It has developed countless careers, saved many a costly mistake, and made successes of people and companies.

David CM Carter, for 30 years the world’s leading CEO mentor and best-selling author of Breakthrough, wondered how much more impact could be achieved if mentoring was available to everyone, not just the elite few.

He found it frustrating that his approach to developing Qualities, Values, and Attitudes was only experienced by the C-suite. David decided to democratise his philosophy and find a way to help the many: the mission to deliver Character Qualities to everybody began.

In July 2020, David drew together Amy Hackett-Jones (international life coach), Jake Shepherd (designer and product owner), Racheal Smith (teacher, chief examiner, and educational researcher) and Teresa Lopes (brand specialist) - and Entelechy was born.

After three years of research, 54 Character Qualities emerged. These Qualities are the foundation stones for the most in-demand skills among employers internationally.

The team shaped the Character Qualities into the Be Do Become Framework, repeatedly evolving the learning journey.

Once a methodology was established, Entelechy built an app to make it available to everyone. At the same time, the product offering to companies evolved into the form of two solutions: Discover and Transform.

With the groundwork laid, Entelechy is now ready to help organisations discover the power of Character, and transform into Companies of Character.

Our practitioners

United by a passion for helping people to develop their Characters, we are a group of innovators and specialists in our fields.

Entelechy empowers learners to develop their Character so that decision-making is guided by inner virtue.

Association of Character Education

Fully accredited learning

We aim to set the gold standard for Character competence and raise the value of human Qualities in a tech-led world. Our accreditations are proof that the new path we are treading is heading in the right direction.


TILM is a professional body that helps people and businesses engaged in the learning and practice of leadership.

NCFE is the UK’s longest-established awarding body, endorsed by the organisation that provides national professional qualifications.

LPI is a leading organisation in work-based learning. LPI has awarded Entelechy its internationally recognised accreditation.

ACE is the UK’s leading Character Education Community for teachers, leaders, and practitioners. ACE has been awarded the Kitemark.

CPD Standards Office provides world-leading accreditation trusted by the industry, institutes, and organisations.

AELP represents organisations that deliver apprenticeships, employability support, and vocational learning.

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