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Character, skills and behaviours combined for the 1st time.

Impactful learning

Actionable learning that creates behavioural changes every day.

Action-based, human-focused

Coaching, mentoring and education brought together brilliantly.

In the flow of work

Agile and actionable learning that takes place anytime, anywhere.

Personalised journey

A learning experience that is personal, self-directed and unique.

Accredited learning

We meet international gold standards for professional development.

Learning, just not as you know it

Teaching concepts such as collaboration, creativity or reliability is not the same as getting learners to become collaborative, creative or reliable. Entelechy revolutionises the traditional approach – from learning to becoming.

Forget everything you know about ‘Skills’.

The most critical skills in the workplace today aren't simply skills. This is why the education system falls short, and employers keep reporting that new recruits aren't fit for work. These 'missing skills' are the hardest to hire for because they pertain to human competence. They relate to the mindsets and behaviours that enable people to perform, feel and be at their best. And they all come down to Character.

Entelechy is the world's 1st EdTech journey specialising in Character Qualities that enhance all skills.

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The most intuitive development journey ever created

Character Qualities are innate in all of us. Whether they are prominent or still undiscovered, they can all be developed into powerful assets in the workplace. We have designed a learning experience that taps directly into this raw potential and brings it to life through the natural human ability to explore, act, reflect and evolve.

We focus on the core of what it means to be excellent because Character is key to achieving everything.

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