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Discover the power of Character to transform your organisation's performance.

Character-based professional development for human-first companies.

Here's what we'll do

Access the power of Character development

Enable Performance

Entelechy’s behaviour-based methodology combines the 54 Character Qualities that underpin the most in-demand skills in the world.

Create Culture

Create a human-first culture that enhances productivity, innovation, and talent across the board. Give individuals the agency to become their best selves.

Attract and retain

Enhance engagement and retention by nurturing an environment where people feel connected, valued, and motivated to contribute their best.

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Character is the foundation

Character determines how we think, perform, and make decisions. Every one of us has 54 Character Qualities: some as strengths, some as growth opportunities, and some as hidden strengths. By developing these Qualities, we optimise personal performance, enhance technical ability, and develop new skills intuitively.

In an organisation, developing Character means unveiling and optimising the hidden talent in your team to create a more purposeful, more productive culture.

In a tech-led world, the one advantage we will always have is our Character.

What are you going to do with yours?


Character Qualities

Just choose one to develop today. Small actions every day turn into huge transformations.

How we help

The Discover Solution

Mentoring to create a shared understanding of character.

Consulting to define the Character of your company and establish what you want your Character to become.

Data insights on every employee / department / leader / and the company as a whole.

£50per person
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Discover Workshop

A two-session consultation day.

Session 1 – explore your company through the prism of Character.

Session 2 – use data insights to refine the view of the company through Character; set up an action plan.


Character Assessment

Expand our work company-wide by creating individual reports for every employee based on 180 and 360 surveys.


Strategic Insights

We generate a company-level dashboard, including an individual growth plan for every employee. The ultimate tool for line managers / HR / L&D to manage the talent with your company. We also provide insights to inform DEI and talent mapping.

How we help

The Transform Solution

A learning and development solution that uses training sessions and consultancy, and which is scaled through our app, to help every employee develop their Character. Ambassadors within the organisation, trained by us, will lead internal engagement.

£175per person
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We identify team members to appoint as ambassadors and train on the app, to lead engagement. Ambassadors then create user-generated content, leading the way for others to share.



The app is rolled out across the organisation. We undertake active communications to ensure engagement. We provide continually updated insight to track the impact of the development.



Work with our consultants to understand the impact of Character development across the organisation. Consider ways of increasing engagement. Continuing support in understanding the insights provided.



We identify the ROI, and celebrating the success stories across the organisation. Mapping out the plan for onward development.

Grow your Character

Start your journey

£50per day
  • Resilient
  • Competitive
  • Discerning
  • Analytical
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Perceptive
  • Visionary
  • Confident
  • Creative