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Transform business performance with Character

The only app-based learning experience focused on Character to enhance all skills

Transform business performance with Character

The only app-based learning experience focused on Character to enhance all skills

Improve productivity

Professionals who develop their Character are more agile, make better decisions, and become more productive.

Enhance teamwork

Character-based development enables a positive work environment and fosters a sense of unity, purpose and cooperation.

Encourage growth

Developing Character helps teams become more resilient and adaptable when facing change, challenges or expansion.

Increase retention

Professionals who feel their Character is being developed and valued are more satisfied and committed to their work.

App-based personal development

Entelechy has developed the world's only app that focuses on the development of Character.

The intuitive experience allows employees to learn in the flow of work and develop their own personalised learning pathways.

Supported by our consultancy team, you can align company and employee values, and track learner engagement and progression.


Learning, just not as you know it

Teaching concepts such as collaboration, creativity or reliability is not the same as getting your teams to become collaborative, creative or reliable. Entelechy revolutionises the traditional approach – from learning to becoming.

It's about who you are, not what you do

Our Character underpins everything we want to achieve in life – personally and professionally. If you begin by being the person who can achieve all these things, the rest will fall into place.

Use this tool to explore how Character enables your soft skills and helps you achieve your aspirations.

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Top ten challenges facing learning leaders - Free eBook

In 2022 the Learning and Performance Institute conducted a survey of senior learning leaders, exploring their top concerns.

Several of them are age old challenges that the industry has been discussing and attempting to solve; issues such as how to create an effective learning culture or how to deliver measurable ROI on training investment.


Your talent, transformed

Build a team of highly skilled, motivated people, aligned with the vision you have for your business. Character-based development transforms your talent into a reliable and productive team, who are committed to the success of your organisation.


Character, skills and behaviours combined for the first time

Entelechy is the first learning experience specialising in Character Qualities to enhance all skills. It approaches professional development with the principles of mentoring and coaching at heart, to enable teams to create more value from human potential.

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