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Get insight reports from individual to company level, accompanied by suggested actions from these insights. Use these reports to inform Character-based change strategy.

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What to expect

We'll start with a core briefing between your internal coordinator and our client services team.

Next we'll move to Workshop 1, wherein we'll explore your organisation through the lens of Character.

Then, during a 5-week window, we'll survey your whole organisation through our 180 / 360 process.

We'll follow up with Workshop 2, where we'll lead you to define a shared vision of Character for your future strategy.

Finally, we'll deliver our Dashboards for you to gain ongoing insights, track progress, and more.



Work with our practitioners to explore your organisation through the lens of Character.

Establish a shared vision of a Company of Character.


Character Assessments

We have selected 54 Character Qualities to work with, and we all have all of them. Some we have as strengths, some as growth opportunities, and some as hidden strengths. By answering questions about themselves in what we call a 180; and then by asking their closest circle to answer questions about them in what we call a 360, learners will generate the data for us to build an individual Character Key.

The Character Key is an evolving document that quantifies an individual's Character Qualities at any given point in time. It is the foundation upon which to build change.

Everybody in the organisation undergoes two Character Assessments – a 180 and a 360, and reflects on the Character of the company. This data is then aggregated into individual reports and dashboards.


Strategic Insights

At this stage we tell the story of the insights through our dashboards. We provide suggestions for actions that turn these insights into personal, and as a result organisation-wide, transformation.

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