A team that knows what to do, by when, and how to do it have the foundations of greatness. Learn why being organised should be one of the first Character Qualities you choose.

One of the foundational Character Qualities for any organisation is being organised; some say the clue is in the name. It might not be a sexy Character Quality like visionary and pioneering, but a company will flounder on the rocks within its first steps into the world without being organised.

There are org charts and processes and all sorts of standard operating procedures available to ensure a company is organised and capable of delivery. Yet, without the Character of the individuals within teams buying into the benefits of being organised, these will be ignored and largely ineffective.

When every team member is organised, the whole group works more effectively. If one person is not delivering as expected, then blockages are created for others too. Someone else in the team will likely have to deal with the disorganisation of the other with two obvious consequences

1. they are both now not producing to their potential, as one is missing things, and the other is unavailable to take on other tasks

2. the person constantly hit by the disorganisation of others becomes disillusioned and taken for granted.

Therefore, the benefits of an organised team are powerful and essential to the success of a business. It allows every team member to fulfil their potential and promotes a more harmonious working environment.

When looking at the organisation of the team, clear expectations are key. If you are the team leader and want it to be the most organised in your company, ensure there is little room for misunderstanding about what and how things should be done.

On selecting your first Character Quality for the Character of your company, securing the foundations offers a basis from which you can flourish by being creative and influential and those more evocative traits.

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