Building High-Performing Teams: The Role of Character Qualities

webinar 'Building High-Performing Teams: The Role of Character Qualities' featuring Amy Hackett-Jones, COO at Entelechy Academy, and Edmund Monk, CEO at the The LPI (Learning and Performance Institute)

We’re excited to announce we will be running a live webinar with the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) on Friday 9th June 2023 at 11am. Amy Hackett-Jones, COO at Entelechy, and Edmund Monk, CEO at the LPI, will be discussing high-performing teams.

In today's competitive business landscape, organisations are constantly seeking ways to enhance their team's performance and maximise productivity. While technical skills are undoubtedly important, it is often the Character Qualities of individuals that truly drive high-performing teams. This webinar will delve into the crucial role that Character plays in building and maintaining successful teams.

During the webinar, Amy and Edmund will explore various key aspects related to team dynamics, communication, and productivity. By focusing on Character Qualities, participants will gain valuable insights into the core attributes that contribute to the success of high-performing teams.

Some of the key topics that will be covered during the webinar include:

1. Team Communication: Effective communication is the backbone of any successful team. Our experts will discuss how specific Character Qualities can significantly improve team communication, enhance collaboration, and streamline workflow processes.

2. Goal Setting: Setting clear and achievable goals is vital for team success. The webinar will shed light on how Character Qualities such as disciplined, resilient, and self-aware can propel teams to exceed their targets and drive exceptional results.

3. Conflict Resolution: Conflict is an inevitable part of teamwork, but the way it is handled can make or break a team. Attendees will learn how being empathetic, forgiving, and compassionate can positively impact conflict resolution, fostering stronger relationships and team cohesion.

4. Building Trust: Trust is the foundation upon which successful teams are built. We’ll be looking atwhich qualities contribute to trustworthiness, integrity, and accountability within teams, allowing them to function harmoniously and reach their full potential.

By the end of this webinar, attendees will have a strong understanding of how Character can elevate their team's performance and create an environment conducive to success. They will gain practical strategies and actionable insights that can be implemented to foster a high-performing team culture within their organisations.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from industry experts. Mark your calendars for Friday 9th June and register now to secure your spot and embark on the journey towards building exceptional teams.

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Note: The webinar will be recorded, so even if you are unable to attend the live session, you will have the opportunity to access the recording afterwards on our website.