It’s time for you to have your say and make it known which Character Qualities are most in demand. The voice of business matters.

The more you read, the more you hear about the demand for Character in the workforce. Companies like Sky now make the question of who someone is, rather than what they know and what they’ve done, the crucial element to them becoming part of the team.

This is a concept that most learning professionals are on board with and we want to take it a step further and begin to understand the most in-demand Qualities in industry.

On May 3 and 4, Entelechy will be exhibiting at the Learning Technologies event at the Excel, London. At this event we will be running a live poll asking the learning professionals in attendance, which Character Quality they would most like to see developed in their teams.

We will take these results forward into a wider study to understand the missing ingredients in UK PLC, and support the Learning and Development sector in addressing this gap.

In advance of the event, start mulling over the Character Qualities that would make the most impact in your teams.

Could it be curious, pioneering or collaborative? Perhaps a boost of accountability or kindness would make the difference.

Take a look at the 54 Entelechy Character Qualities here and see what you think.

We hope to see you at Learning Technologies in May on stand K30. Until then, enjoy being analytical!