If companies have their own values, visions, and missions, surely they have their own individual Characters, too?

When organisations use insight test providers, they buy into the idea of getting to know their people better. We celebrate the intention of those in HR, L&D, and leadership who believe getting to know employees as people is essential to positive KPIs.

Yet, we challenge whether the insights received are the best they can be if they don’t consider the organisation's context. It seems obvious that the context we work in is unique and has its own nature. Yet, when writing reports, most insight test providers reference a generic workplace where a common set of rules apply.

  • Our Character Key gives an individual view of each employee within a company.
  • Our Character Kaleidoscope offers insight into the Character of the workplace.

We then offer perspectives that cross-reference the individual with the organisation, including benchmarking against other companies in related fields. We, therefore, offer specific and bespoke contextualisation to support highly personalised reports for the individual employee.

Seeing a company as having a Character might feel new and unusual. Yet, we have lived with the idea of a company-specific vision, mission and values for a long time. Company leaders have sought to define the company's nature and inspire shared behaviour through a common purpose. In striving for this common purpose, the company’s Character is created. When we think about Apple, we have a view of the company which differs from our perspective of Tesla. It is partly defined by the leadership and, in a perfect world, by the behaviour of every employee.

Entelechy’s solution provides every employee with an individual Character Key. We also ask each of them to contribute to the Character Kaleidoscope. Thus, everyone learns about the company’s strengths and growth opportunities, and how these link to the company's aspirations within this company-level report. It helps everyone see how the company might reach its potential. Leaders learn from a 360 perspective of the company based on the insights from their people. Is there anything more powerful for leaders than to see where potential for growth lies, and which strengths to maximise?

Within the report, we also help the individuals to see each other in relation to the rest of the company. Why? Well, even within the same company, working as an engineer on an oil rig in Scotland differs from being a call handler in a London-based office. A red in Scotland might need different insight from a red in London. If you are an ENFJ as a police officer in inner city Manchester, your report insights might be different than if you are the local policeman in a Cornish village.

We believe that a company investing in getting to know its people deserves to see them as human beings within the context of their company.

If you want a taster of the insight we can offer at a company level, complete our Company of Character Assessment. This free report helps start an organisation on its Character strategy to transform productivity and performance.

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