Embarking upon a learning journey blind opens you up to failure. Understanding yourself and where you are now is paramount.

When you begin any learning journey, it is essential to understand where you are now. In short, you need to evaluate what you already feel you are good at and where there are areas of development.


It means you focus on learning where you have gains to make rather than revisit comfortable areas of your life where you already feel competent.

Sounds obvious, yet many people spend much time covering something that is a strength because they need more confidence to address more challenging topics.

When completing a 180 in the Entelechy app, you make a simple choice. Is the Character Quality a Strength, or is it a Growth Opportunity? Am I already strong in this area, or is it something that could improve?

If you imagine 180 degrees is the view you get of yourself in the mirror, it gives you the idea that you are giving yourself a quick once over and checking in with yourself.

How this helps

Going through this process supports you in choosing the best Character Quality to develop. From the Growth Opportunities you have selected, you can now pick the one that is likely to have the most impact on your life or affects where you want to be.

To make the most of your 180, it is a good idea to note down any reflections that come to mind while making your choices.

A few quick bullet points you return to later can drive your motivation for action when you revisit them.

If you'd like to watch our 30 minute LinkedIn live on how and why to complete a Character-based 180, click here.