Feedback is a vital part of any learning journey. How feedback is handled can be make or break. Here's how we handle it.

When you send an Assessment to one of our Mentors, we offer personalised feedback based on your journey and answers to the Assessment questions. You might send the Assessment to us so you can be awarded a Badge, and we will say “Yes” to your award or “Not yet”.

Whether we agree you have shown enough impact to be awarded a Badge or not, we offer you comments to help you make your next steps in your learning journey.

We offer two parts to our comments:

  1. We identify the stand-out achievements demonstrated in your answers. It is important to acknowledge the positives and validate your efforts, and we all need recognition to help us feel motivated to continue learning.
  2. We offer advice on how to continue your journey. We call this “Even Better If”, and it is guidance provided with the hope that it helps you continue your journey in the Character Quality. The development of our Character is a lifelong journey, and we need to consider what the next section of the journey will entail. We offer some direction to help you feel you can continue learning.

The power of independent feedback

The ultimate objective of our Assessment and the feedback is to help you feel like someone is supporting you in your learning. Learning alone is difficult, and we can find it hard to motivate ourselves. By hearing from one of our Entelechy Mentors, you can get that boost that keeps you on track to be the person you want to be.

If you'd like to watch our 30 minute LinkedIn live on how best to reflect, click here.