We have created a learning solution focused on humans. We spent a lot of time learning about these humans. Here is what we found out.

When imagining a new approach focused on developing the human, getting to know humans is a great idea. As we suggested a completely new focus for development and an entirely different way of learning, we needed to find the people who would most likely be up for helping us.

We imagined that the world, for the most part, wasn’t keen to embrace change. When it comes to learning, especially, how things are done is deeply encoded. So, we were looking for the 5 or 10% who would embrace the challenge.

We formulated ten statements that we felt described the person we needed. Having read about the desires, needs, and drivers of working professionals in the 21st century, those people highly aligned with these statements could be the hearts and minds we need to act as ambassadors for our approach.

What we found out inspired us.

We realised we could afford to show more courage and believe that people are more ready for something different than we could have imagined. Rather than 5 or 10% showing the attitudes and drivers for change, we found that closer to 50% of those surveyed stepped up.

Then, we realised, these results were too important to keep to ourselves. The humans in the workplace want more from life and feel ready to accept more from Learning and Development. So, we wrote up a report on the results, so our colleagues in L&D could be inspired too.

You are about to learn a lot about the humans in your workplace, I know we did.

I hope you learned a lot about the humans in your workplace, I know we did. Let me know your thoughts by email to [email protected].

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