Our CEO, COO, and HoL and are all proud Fellows of the Learning and Performance Institute.

The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) are the global body for workplace learning. They bring together talented learning and development professionals to drive forward the best practices and innovations. Entelechy Academy were keen to work alongside the LPI, sharing the vision to promote high-quality delivery models in the workplace.

Three team members awarded fellowships

It was with delight, when talking through our model, that the LPI awarded our CEO and Founder, David Carter, our COO Amy Hackett-Jones, and our Head of Learning Racheal Smith with Fellowships.

David Carter has more than 20 years of experience mentoring CEOs and his vision for character-based education is a significant contribution and advancement of the learning professional.

Amy Hackett-Jones is an international coach, working with leaders of countries, to help them become their best self. A self-professed lifelong learner, Amy is always committed to maintaining high professional standards.

Racheal Smith qualified as a teacher at the age of 22 and has worked in schools and with examination boards for the last 25 years. She has been a member of teams that have developed English and IT specifications, as well as working as Chief Examiner for many years. Basically, she is an education geek.

While we knew there was a pooling of exceptional experience and talent in our Entelechy team, it is always empowering to be given recognition for the contribution we are making. Being able to use the post-nominals FLPI is a mark of the pride we have that we are working to our best, to improve the learning of all professionals in the workplace.

Moving forward with the LPI

The award of fellowship with the LPI is more than the post nominals. Our team has networked, connected with new partners, and joined in debates with other fellows. The gathering of this expertise has accelerated the development of our product and services. We hear the latest thinking as that thinking is formulating and can apply it to all that we do.

As we grow our reputation even more, we hope to continue our work with the LPI. We have plans to pursue accreditation of our learning system. We are excited to work alongside the experienced and exceptionally talented LPI consultants to rapidly up-level our offer to its potential.