So I’ve been categorised as an INFJ personality type. Great. But apparently personality never changes. Character, however, does...

We all love a Facebook personality quiz. Apparently, I am a honey badger, my colour is blue, and my motto is “She may be sweet but wait for the spicy kick!”

Besides having it as my social media profile picture, I have never known what to do with being a honey badger. It gave me a kick when I got my results, and then the usefulness vanished until I used it as an example in this blog. Same when I received the results of the three psychometric tests I completed: I am INFJ. I am red. I am the letter D.

“Ooooo, how interesting!” I thought.

Then I carried on with life, a little more self-aware, but just me as they’d defined me.

I can buy the time of an expert who can help me to uncover how to use these insights effectively. Yet, actioning the insights is complex, and I will never be able to change the INFJ; only to learn to be a more palatable version for other people (here speaks the person with a “red” chip on her shoulder).

Entelechy believes that those insights are candy floss - pointless. Instead, we believe that with every insight must come the question: “And what do you want to do with the information?” Entelechy does not dangle complexity in front of you, putting ourselves forward to be your expert; we offer simple insights and suggest you take small, manageable actions to help you develop yourself.

You believe being adaptable is a strength of yours; your 360 assessors' feedback is that this is a growth opportunity. Action: Share your adaptability more openly, so others can benefit from and feel guided by this strength of yours.

You believe being influential is a growth opportunity for you. Your 360 assessors’ feedback shows it is in fact a strength of yours. Action: Believe them, try to see what others see in you and explore how you influence them – then be influential more consciously.

If the feedback agrees that being pioneering is a growth opportunity for you, then grow it. If it agrees that being compassionate is a strength, go out there and live it.

The insights we provide are 1% of the learning. 99% of the learning comes from reflecting, exploring ideas further, and deciding what actions to take based on the new knowledge presented in your Character Key.

It is Entelechy’s philosophy to put you in charge of building your Character to create the life you desire. The bite-sized, actionable insights you get from your Character Key today will differ from the insights you’ll get in 6 months’ time. Your Character Key evolves with you. To create the life you desire, you need only take small, daily actions that, over time, result in the transformation you want to see for yourself. Don’t develop your honey badger. Develop your Character.