I wonder... two words that have powered innovation throughout human history. Ready to learn more reasons to be curious?

Arguably, of all the Character Qualities, curiosity offers the greatest opportunity to supercharge personal and professional development. A curious mind has within its power the capacity to change the world.

Someone was once curious enough to ask: What if I ate this object that fell from a chicken’s bottom? And a powerful source of protein was discovered.

Others wondered what was beneath the sea and beyond the stars, while many have sat down to challenge if we can prevent hunger, cure disease, and deliver peace.

All the great actions in the world began with somebody asking a question. They were curious to know if there was something that could be done to change the way we have done things in the past. Some people were even curious about a future that only existed in their imagination.

On a personal level, being curious helps us learn. We broaden our understanding of our world by asking questions and experimenting with potential solutions. When you can learn, nothing stops you from reaching your potential.

On a professional level, being curious is the difference between the outstanding team member who presents opportunities and possibilities and those who follow the herd. It is a quality that can transform any company's productivity, profitability, and influence–because the curious people within the organisation challenge the status quo.

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