There’s more to gain from being energetic than increasing productivity.

Whether you are more familiar with the Duracell Bunny or the Energizer Bunny might depend on which side of the Atlantic you live… but both are going to invoke similar feelings of tireless energy and the ability to endure over time. Similarly, the Easter Bunny is energetic enough to hide billions of chocolate eggs across the globe in just one night!

But let’s not give bunnies the monopoly on being energetic; we’ve too much to gain by tapping into our own sources of energy.

Psychologists suggest there is a direct correlation between the amount of energy you have and how happy you are. So, boosting your energy is going to boost your happiness. No wonder those bunnies are smiling.

Since being energetic typically revolves around bursts of prolonged activity, your physical health will likely improve alongside your mental health. You can create a positive cycle of generating more energy by doing something energetic – not so much a vicious circle, but a vivacious one! 

Equally, the by-product benefit of increased energy during the day is improved sleep at night. Expending your energy effectively should leave your mind and body better able to rest and recharge overnight, making you even more energised for the coming day.

In short, the personal benefits for developing your energy levels are endless.

Professionally, having more energy at work enables improved productivity. Arguably even more beneficial, are the improved relationships it can lead to with colleagues. We’re not suggesting banging a drum like the Energizer Bunny for twelve hours straight will make you the most popular member of your team, but if you’re a consistently dynamic and enthusiastic co-worker others will appreciate the positivity and energy you bring to the table.

Whether your batteries come in the form of coffee, exercise, nutrition, being in the presence of inspiring people, or indeed a combination of these, you have much to gain by being more energetic.