You might think that being reliable is boring. Yet, it is one of the most crucial qualities in our framework.

Google the phrase “qualities of a top employee”, and reliability will come at the top of most lists. You show up and perform as expected, and bosses love that. Why? They can get on and do other things knowing you will do your job.

Speak to people who have been married for a long time and ask how they have stayed together; they will say it is because they could rely on the other. One would never let the other down.

So, on a personal level, being reliable helps you to be an excellent partner to someone else. You are there for them in the tough times, and they love you for it.

On a professional level, being reliable is an essential quality. You might be the most talented person at your job, but if you can’t be relied upon to show up, you will not last long. Be the person who always shows up and gets the job done; you will always be appreciated.

Being reliable might not have the glitz of being influential, visionary, or creative, yet it still rises to number one in employability.

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