Self-aware is one of those Character Qualities that can help you develop all the others. We begin our benefits series with a great place to start.

Knowing yourself isn’t as easy as it sounds. We go through life with a lot of competing perspectives. Others tell us what they think about us, and we see social media images of what life should or could be like.

We might be aware of strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, quirks and habits, and ignore this knowledge because it doesn’t fit in with other people's beliefs.

We might be unaware of these factors and find ourselves surprised every day by our reactions to the world and others.

Being self-aware and believing in this self-knowledge can be revolutionary.

On a personal level, being self-aware can help you become more confident as you know your own mind. Your choices will be better too because you understand what makes you more contented.

On a professional level, this decisive is also a powerful benefit. And it can help you stand by your beliefs because you own those beliefs.

Developing self-awareness is the first essential step to finding your purpose, and this purpose is the necessary ingredient for feeling at ease in your life.

But let’s be clear. As we grow older, our awareness evolves too, and it is a constant lesson in ourselves. And it continues to reward us as we age and we more and more develop into the life we are born into.

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