Expressing our uniqueness today means giving ourselves a hundred different labels, and wearing them like badges in the hope that others see us and know how we like to be treated. Some labels are more ‘acceptable’ than others, causing much injustice. This wearing of labels is a reaction to the injustice. We want to be seen and heard equally, so we live proudly for who we are.

The use of these labels was well-intentioned; but as always, a good thing gets taken too far. They unintentionally become exclusive, leading to others feeling less valued. In trying to create a labelled society in which everyone is understood, and to which all feel they belong – instead we have a society in which no one feels like they belong.

There is no easy solution. It is a pain point every human lives with – because we are social creatures who want to fit in, while at the same time being valued and acknowledged for our unique worth to society.

We at Entelechy do not claim to have a ‘fix’; but we do have a way to begin making a difference. We choose not to use labels. We choose to do what is hard. Rather than write generic insights based on a limited number of variables, we have written insights responding to millions of data points. 

Creating a report that celebrates the individual human isn't easy – and it shouldn’t be easy.

It required contemplating the numerous ways the data would require an output; we wrote many different versions. We will continue iterating our reports, making them more personal and bespoke as we grow our understanding of the data.

People are desperate to be seen and heard. We must do the hard work to produce an insight report that truly does this. People are complex. They cannot be standardised and herded into groups. What’s more, peoples’ Characters change. There needs to be an honest and authentic exercise reflecting the many Character Qualities of being human, which guides (and doesn’t tell) the reader to understand what this might mean.

Being human, we are endlessly complex and fascinating. And being human, we are endlessly complex and difficult to know, even to ourselves. The answer is not to simplify this complexity thereby diminishing people to a label. The answer is to create a method that reflects nuance, individuality, and changing Character, and invites people to reflect on the possible conclusions.

We appreciate that there is something comforting about believing someone out there knows you and can tell you what to think. We also know that most individuals feel it troubling to believe that someone can know us better than we know ourselves.

Entelechy’s Discover solution acts as your coach, not your teacher. We offer possibilities based on the data you provide and invite you to agree to – or challenge – these insights. We ask you questions about the data, and we encourage potential actions which you choose. While this means you need to do a lot more of the work, it also means that we see and hear the unique you. We believe you are an individual that is worth celebrating: we will walk with you as you grow.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our Discover solution. We look forward to getting to know you.