Personality is premised on the idea that there are types. We fit one of these types based on our genetics and early upbringing. To be true to this hypothesis, psychometric tests deliver the same result each time. Every time you take an assessment, your type should be what it was, whether you are in your twenties or thirties or right up until your eighties.

Self-awareness is important. Understanding how you present to the world is essential to helping you make the most of what you are. There are benefits from this reflection, and most humans find the insight fascinating and useful.

It promotes a sense that your potential has already been written. We challenge the concept of psychometrics not because of the usefulness of their insights, but because they give no power to the person to grow. Therefore, they reduce people to a singular definition rather than enabling them to step into the world and write their life stories.

Entelechy decided to be different and disrupt this limiting perspective.

We want to give you insights and help you become self-aware. It is the basis of a powerful learning journey. We also want to help you believe that the next report will be different, and you will write the changes to the narrative through the actions you take.

At the end of our Character Key, the Discover Insight report we deliver to individuals, we invite you to put the report down and action the insights. We don't want you to adapt so others find your personality palatable, instead use these insights to shape actions that can help you move towards your potential.

How is this possible?

Entelechy has looked at human beings and, using extensive research and our combined experience, we have worked out what human means. We have concluded that being human is who you chose to be rather than what you decide to do. Humans have shared traits that define us. We are all born we these Qualities within us, and our individuality is defined by our capacity to dial these Qualities up or down – consciously or unconsciously.

We call these innate traits Character Qualities. We have defined 54 within our framework.

We can all be kind, courageous, resilient, decisive, analytical, influential – and more. The capacity to be these things are within us. We invite you to take control of these traits and use them to help you reach your potential.

When we ask you and those who know you best to reflect on your Character Qualities, we say it reflects on a single moment in your life. Your feelings, and those of your 360 assessors, will change and evolve depending on the context and depending on you.

Rather than take your answers and run them through a highly questionable psychological theory from the 1940s, we reflect on what you and your crowd believed at that moment. We invite you to draw your conclusions and choose your onward actions.

Our answer to the question in the title is a simple “yes”. You deserve the right to be the author of your story and decide how this narrative is told. You have the innate ability to be the potential you choose for yourself. We are here to help you unlock this potential.

If you want to learn more about our Discover solution and how you can get your personal Character Key, contact us today.