There’s a significant difference between seeming calm and being calm.

We’ve all joked at times about being the swan – serene to all those who see what’s on the surface, with the chaotic reality hidden beneath the water. But, how much better would life be if instead of just appearing calm, we actually were calm?

The personal upsides of improved calmness and stress-management are well documented. Physiologically our entire body benefits, not to mention the good it does for our mental health. The ability to self-regulate emotions – when necessary – is an incredibly powerful tool. 

Within the workplace there are yet more bonuses to being calm. The improved concentration resulting from being calm boosts productivity – impacting not just the amount of work we can complete, but its quality too. 

Calmness augments our ability to lead and nurture others. Clear thinking in a crisis is a sought-after skill and one we look for in those with significant responsibility.

We also can’t underestimate the impact our mood has on the energy of those around us. There are many who can identify a frantically paddling swan! Instilling a sense of calmness in those around us creates a positive work environment where everyone can thrive.

So rather than seeking to be the swan, perhaps being calm means we can be the lake itself – supporting and providing for those in our sphere, and capable of effectively managing away the ripples.

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