The tag ‘influencer’ is overused in today’s social media world. Let’s explore how being truly influential can superpower your career.

For some people, being influential is difficult. We feel we are an imposter in our chosen profession and don’t believe we can make a difference. If we don’t feel like an imposter, we worry that we will become that person who posts random articles on LinkedIn and shouts into a void.

Because we believe these things, we stay quiet and keep our highly impressive and thought-provoking ideas to ourselves.

It feels like a waste of potential, doesn’t it?

On a personal level, pushing ourselves to the front and influencing others is a significant validation of our achievements. Often, our life purpose hides somewhere close to those ideas we want to influence others with. 

On a professional level, hiding that fire in you gets you nowhere. Getting your ideas into the world and engaging in thought leadership and debate drives your career momentum. Voicing and championing ideas is one of the most valuable facets of an organisational leader. You might not yet have a team of people working for you, yet you have a group in your organisation who are guided by your ideas. To be a leader, all you need is followers – so give people a direction to travel in.

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