There is no right or wrong - only your context

When we first start our Entelechy journey, we might wonder what some words mean. Some people might believe there is a right or a wrong answer.

Instead, we offer six other terms with similar meanings and a short animation to help you with your definition.

It might feel frustrating, to begin with, that we don’t tell you precisely what the word means. Soon, we believe, it will give you the freedom to set your path the way you see it, which is new to us in learning.

Let’s give you an example.


It could mean being yourself. It could mean going out into the world and finding your purpose, or it could mean being completely different from what is already out there.

These meanings are neither right nor wrong and depend entirely on your context. Each definition could be helpful to you at different moments in your life, so choosing the one that fits you is the only way to personalise your learning.

Here’s another example. Compassion.

It could mean showing you understand how others feel. It could mean acting on a need to help someone else feel better. It could mean working on a need to help yourself feel better.

By having the power to choose your meaning or being open-minded to implications you haven’t thought of yet, you increase the potential for your growth. When starting your learning journey with Entelechy, you are asked to spend some time exploring.

Find out for yourself what the words mean to you in the different contexts of your life.

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