Character Methodology

Turns out, it was this all along

Character is the foundation upon which soft and technical skills evolve. Empower your people to develop their Character Qualities, and their skills will follow suit.


The problem

For almost a century, in order to find out "who we really are" we've been given personality tests.

"Personality" is presented as fixed - it develops in childhood, and does not change in adulthood. As such, the insights from two personality tests say the same about us be they 6 months or 10 years apart.

This puts learners in a box and seals it shut, disempowering them.

But who of us is the same person as we were 6 months ago? Ten years ago? Have we not become a little kinder in the interim? If we're lucky, a dash wiser?


Character, the foundation of all skills

Kindness and wisdom are Character Qualities. And these we can change.

We've identified 54 Character Qualities, innate within each of us. Every one of them can be developed - both dialled up and dialled down.

A learner's second insight report on Character will be different to their first, because they will have begun to rewrite the narrative of their life.

If the soft or technical skills that they need at work change, they can develop the relevant Character Qualities that underpin those skills, and adapt to their changing environment.

We probably all want to improve at public speaking

One could search online for some top tips, practice it in front of the mirror, time it, and hope for luck.

Or one could go back to first principles, to see which Character Qualities are essential to a good speech, and develop them intentionally.

For example, we might want to tone down how energetic we are - it's a speech, after all, not a workout. And we might want to dial up how vulnerable we are, to ensure a genuine connection with our audience. We'll definitely want to work on how expressive we are, to ensure clear communication. Luckily, we've always had good feedback on our approach to humour, so leave that where it is. And dial up the empathetic, because the topic we're speaking on is a problem for everyone.

One at a time

To enable this, we’ve focused on 54 Character Qualities

We need only start with one.

Which one of the 54 will help you to reach your potential today? By developing one thing today, you'll already become your best self. And you'll commit to being better still tomorrow.

Our research has placed these Character Qualities into 6 categories: Personal, Interpersonal, Performance, Acumen, Nurture, and Impact.

performanceTo think and do
impactTo make change
acumenTo be insightful
nurtureTo evolve together
personalTo be my best self
interpersonalTo behave as one
Backed by extensive research

The evolution of our methodology

Our unique Character methodology comes from many years of corporate mentoring experience, coupled with an in-depth appreciation of the range of approaches to learning.

This honed methodology is now being powered and scaled through a bespoke platform. We are reaching organisations of all sizes to help them achieve their entelechy.

years of market research
Talking with industry experts such as CBI, BCoC, global consultancy organisations, and other leading CEOs
HR Leaders
Roundtables and focus groups, drawing in feedback on Character qualities
People included in our testing
Prototype testing and early one-to-one training sessions
In-demand skills identified
Using social listening, and analysis of corporate language
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Character empowers

Invest in Character to:

Increase job satisfaction and retention

Truly become a people-first organisation. When your workforce develops the Character Qualities they need, and becomes aligned with a company mission they can understand, you'll see job satisfaction and retention grow unreasonably.

Create a culture of Character development

Create a culture of Character development in your organisation. Share and inspire each other with their stories of developing their Character Qualities through user-generated content.

Boost performance

Develop your team's Character Qualities and boost the performance of every individual. Evolve their skills, unite your team, and drive organisational growth.

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