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Be Safe as you Grow

Character is who you are and who you might become. The journey you take to become your best self takes courage. Why? Because we ask that you find positives in failures and triumphs alike.

Evaluating strengths and growth opportunities is most effective when we make ourselves vulnerable. The same applies when you ask people to give you feedback.
There are other moments when learners are vulnerable:

  • When you give feedback to others. 

  • When you share ideas and how they impacted you within the community. 

  • When you meet people who are on the same learning journey as you are. 

These are moments of opportunity. You can learn from these experiences. 
And without proper thought and care, these are also moments when you can do harm to others and others can impact on your self-esteem and self-worth.
Everyone has the right to learn safely in our community.

Entelechy Academy’s Commitment
The team at Entelechy commit to doing all we can to create a safe community in which you can learn, develop and thrive. We are here to support you in your journey to become your best self.
We have a zero-tolerance response to any behaviour that makes any member of our community feel unsafe.

Our Safeguarding Policies
We have used all our experience in coaching, mentoring, and teaching to put together our guidelines. The aim of these policies is to keep you and others safe. We expect all members of our community to read these and abide by them.

Download our statement and policy in full.


If you have any concerns or are worried that someone is unsafe, contact us today at [email protected] and write CONCERN in the subject line. We will deal with your email immediately.