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Anna has been teaching English at GCSE and A Level for more than 15 years, most recently taking a special interest in working with young people who face challenges within the normal methodology of mainstream education in the UK.

A pastoral leader in two schools for a number of years, Anna has witnessed first and second hand the impact of the current mental health crisis, which she believes is rooted in an individual’s sense of personal value. Frustrated by the world’s need to fit assessments into quantitative frameworks, which doesn’t often allow for such individuals to see and celebrate their strengths, she is inspired by the Entelechy model which encourages experiential growth and which actively supports learners in their pursuit of personal betterment, teaching independent learning skills along the way. The promise that there is a better you which you can pursue and meet is, in itself, potentially revolutionary for so many young people, and adults alike.

Whilst Anna has been small-scale teaching such values for many years, using Literature as a tool, advocating the Entelechy Learning Journey as a way of explicitly acknowledging the relationship between Character Qualities and Soft Skills is a revolutionary pathway she is fully behind and excited to be a part of.

Anna is also writing a series of children’s picture books which are Character Quality themed, so Entelechy has been a very natural match for her.

She has known and worked with Racheal Smith, Entelechy’s Head of Learning since 2006, in various teaching, editing and copywriting projects. As a member of the Entelechy team, Anna will be involved with editing and copywriting as well as Community Engagement, working with Mentors and Learners to ensure all have the opportunities they need to reach their own entelechy.

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