Buying the best learning solution and getting that learning solution to work are two very different challenges.

Our approach is to show you how our character-based solution works, so you experience why it is the best learning option for you and your teams. It’s learning, but not as you know it.

Answering the relevancy questions

Step one in deploying any learning solution is to answer the most common question: what’s in it for me? This is true of the learners themselves and the people in the C suite, who might want to ensure any solution supports, not detracts from, productivity. It is commonly accepted by facilitators that you have to inspire people to learn, rather than impose learning upon them.

As a provider of a learning solution, we must help you answer these questions and be the person who inspires engagement. We go beyond, “Oh, I see the point,” to “Oh, right, I want to do this.”

Working out how to fit it in

The problem with learning is that it tends to be an add-on. We would all love it to be at the centre of our organisations, manifested in a learning culture, but realistically it is something that often gets in the way. This is caused by a reliance on formal learning opportunities, gathering people in a central location and delivering an experience. The connection between learning and daily work activity is not always explicit, which is what makes our proposition unique. Central to our proposition is learning, both in the flow of life and work.

Our learning solution is designed to be done on the commute to work or in the line for the coffee shop. It is the 5 minutes before your next meeting or the 15 minutes during lunch when you have some time to pass. Our tagline reads “daily acts of evolution” because this informal learning solution happens a little every day.

Our learning solution also builds a conscious learning mindset, so every moment is a learning moment. Our learners do more than evolve their character; they also develop the skillset of lifelong learners. Much of the learning is done in the execution of action plans, which are the work the learner needs to complete.

Proving the value

The key phrase for business buy-in is ‘evidence of impact’. Does the learner have a positive effect on the business and its employees? Most learning solutions provide metrics to help you curate reports and feedback on engagement and completion rates. You may also be able to evidence how a specific learning input resulted in a particular business outcome. However, constantly justifying the expense of L&D will be an ongoing challenge, as there are always many other demands on company expenditure.

While we cannot make the finance department more relaxed with the purse strings, we can provide impact metrics to show committed learning time that has been completed in the flow of work. We can also offer all of this for an incredibly low per-learner subscription.

Our value goes beyond a business case or a profit and loss chart. Our learning solution gives the message to your talent that you value them enough to want to develop them as people, as individuals. When you consider the cost of churn, it might be that our value is proven before you look at our other impact data.


With our sales support, consultancy, and broader support materials, we aim to offer a package that sets us apart in helping you get crucial business buy-in. It is a matter of pride for us to say our product has made a difference. We will do all we can to make this happen in your organisation. Fancy a chat? Contact us at [email protected].