Developing the next generation of leaders is a priority for most top organisations.

Creating a succession plan is essential if continuity of excellence is possible. Therefore, developing a learning solution that prepares the talented to become the next leaders is an important output from an L&D department.

Fortunately, leadership courses are not rare. Thousands upon thousands of leadership courses are listed on Google. There is also a wealth of literature available through Forbes, HBR, and others, which allows keen employees to self-learn and prepare for the time when they get a promotion.

Yet, despite the choice available in this area, leadership development still appears in the top ten concerns of L&D professionals. Why? Well, the higher you go in an organisation, the less your technical abilities matter. As you ascend the leadership ladder, it is more and more critical that you have the exemplary character to make the most of the talent, processes, and structures in the organisation.

Therefore, completing another course on delegation or reading an article on project management is not a guarantee of a successful leader. There is acknowledgement in the L&D sector that a solution is required, and the coaching and mentoring that might be effective is often cost-prohibitive.

Developing the right qualities to become a leader is one of the founding principles of Entelechy Academy. David C.M. Carter, Founder and CEO, is a renowned mentor to CEOs internationally and wrote a bestselling book, Breakthrough, exploring his approach. David’s vision was to democratise this mentoring, offering the same high-quality learning throughout an organisation rather than only at the top-most levels.

What David found is that it is the person behind the leader that creates success. If a person is their best self, they can also bring the best out in others. If a leader learns to be kind, compassionate, empathetic, as well as visionary, strategic, and influential, then the art of leadership emerges.

Here lies the fundamental truth that has been missing from leadership training to date. It is not about the uploading of tools and techniques. Leadership training is about the development of the human being required to inspire others to follow them.

If you are interested in learning more about our character-based learning solution, we would love to share our excitement for the possibilities of our approach.