Executive Summary


Unlocking the potential of your workforce is a strategic imperative. With the fastpaced evolution of technology, trusting that your employees can adapt and perform is risky. Hoping that your team have the skills to deliver the growth of your business is gambling. Consequently, creating a visualisation of your workforce, both in capabilities and culture, is essential for every leader delivering the strategic roadmap of any enterprise.

Traditional paper-based qualifications and skill-based competency frameworks are no longer indicators of employee success. Leaders need a measure of people’s mindset and behaviours and how these overlap with the desired values of a company.

In short, do employees have the Character to deliver success in their role no matter what obstacles or opportunities present themselves?

Character, the embodiment of values-driven behaviour, is crucial in defining an individual’s mindset and actions. It is also deeply ingrained in the values of every business, shaping its identity. Imagine the power of mapping people’s strengths against the core behaviours you need for business success. Imagine if employees could provide a mechanism for evaluating the strengths of the behaviours of the business, and the behaviours they wanted it to exhibit. This is the essence of values-driven behaviour and its impact on business success.

With the evaluative lens of 54 Character Qualities, it is possible to visualise a workforce – from the entire company down to the individual employee. The assessment takes 14 minutes and provides our data scientists with 15 billion combinations of data to analyse, presenting your people and company in all its uniqueness and individuality. From this, we can work with you to map out strategic actions to move the dial and take you through the next inflexion point in your company’s growth.

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