Head of Learning

Racheal Smith is Head of Learning. She has been a teacher for over 24 years. Racheal worked 19 years in a school, 9 of these as a Head of Faculty
for English. Recently, she has been continuing her teaching with the tutoring of children in care, working in Children’s Homes and online.

For more than 10 years, she also worked with Edexcel, part of the Pearson Group. She was a Chief Examiner and part of the team who wrote the DiDA specification and the specifications for English and Digital Communications. She was also an Assistant Principal Examiner for AQA.

She is a writer of textbooks and other educational material and has been published many times.

With a masters in Education and many years of experience in educational research, Racheal is determined to transform learning to equip individuals with the qualities needed to thrive in an uncertain world.

Racheal Smith
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