Recruiters are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate candidates for jobs.

Applications come in with basic background detail and a list of required qualifications, and they all look the same.

We all know that sifting and sorting people by demographics of age, gender, ethnicity, and other status indicators is flawed. We also know that the personal statement is a “puff” piece that does little more than prove a candidate’s literacy – and people can hire others to write it for them. So, how can a CV stand out in the crowd and propel potential recruits to the top of the must-hire list?

Sky recently asked candidates to send a video introducing themselves rather than a CV. Why? Well, they claimed they could teach marketing, but they couldn’t teach character. In short, if you were the right sort of person, they could help you with the job's technical requirements.

Adding character to your CV seems to be an essential ingredient. Evidence for recruiters that you are proactively working to develop this character is invaluable. Entelechy Academy has developed Signature™. This Signature™ shows validated evidence of your character and displays your commitment to becoming more. A simple QR code on your CV could be the difference between a dream role and another frustrating rejection.

For employers, this simple QR code to an applicant’s Signature takes so much of the guesswork out of hiring. By scanning to look at a candidate’s Signature™, they see the character that is so essential to performance in the workplace. With evidence of a candidate’s ability to be reliable, disciplined, responsible, and accountable – the risk of appointing the wrong person disappears. With evidence of someone who will be visionary, wise, creative, influential, and expressive, you can feel excited about the future.

Signature™ is one simple feature of our learning journey – and it is a game-changer.