At Learning Technologies 2023 our stand included the ability to vote on which of the 54 Character Qualities you felt would have the most potential impact on your business – votes were cast over the two-day exhibition and we can now reveal the result.

As voted for ‘by the people’, our clear winner was collaborative with 17% of all votes cast. Second place was a tie, with 3 Character Qualities all receiving 9% of the vote each: being authentic, being curious and being strategic were all stand-out options for having a strong potential impact on businesses. We’ve explored the benefits of being curious here and we’ll be looking at the impact of being authentic and strategic later in the series.

But why collaborative?

When looking at the synonyms, it is easy to see why being collaborative is a strong favourite – who doesn’t want their employees to be more participative, relational, cooperative, involved and respectful? But perhaps collaborative is a more obvious choice from an individual’s perspective because it has numerous benefits for personal development, as well as professional.

Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Increased creativity and innovation
Collaboration brings together people with diverse perspectives and expertise, leading to a broader range of ideas and solutions. This sparks creativity and innovation that would not have been possible without collaboration.

Enhanced problem-solving
Collaborating with others leads to a more comprehensive understanding of a problem and possible solutions. By pooling knowledge, resources, and expertise, we devise more effective and efficient solutions to complex problems.

Improved communication
Collaboration requires effective communication, both in terms of listening to others and expressing yourself clearly. Through collaboration, we improve our communication skills and learn how to work more effectively with others.

Increased productivity
Collaborating on tasks or projects increases productivity by enabling teams to divide tasks and work on different aspects simultaneously. This helps reduce the time needed to complete a project and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Personal and professional growth
Collaboration provides opportunities for us to learn new skills, develop new perspectives, and expand our professional networks. This leads to personal and professional growth, as well as increased job satisfaction and fulfilment.

Overall, collaboration is a powerful tool for achieving shared goals and improving outcomes. By working together, individuals and organisations can achieve more than they would be able to on their own.

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